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Madonna of the Long Neck: Italian Renaissance

on June 8, 2012

For my  first blog post I chose analyze Madonna of the Long Neck  a mannerist piece from the Italian Renaissance.

Madonna of the Long Neck was painted in 1534 by Parmigianino an Italian painter and etcher.Parmigianino is a nick name meaning “little man from Parma”  his real name is Girolamo Francesco Mazzola. Parmigianino was a Mannerist  painter during the time of the late Italian Renaissance. He arrived in Rome just before the “Sack of Rome” the tension had began building  during  1523 it reached its breaking point in 1527. Parmigianino left the chaos of Rome after it was sacked in 1527.  Arriving in Rome in 1524, he was influenced by the works of Raphael and Michelangelo. The atmosphere in Rome was tense at this time, and that tension is reflected in Parmigianino’s work with its emotional intensity, strange lighting, irrational space, and erotic, lascivious themes.”(finearttouch)

 Parmigianino was a mannerist painter. ” mannerism in art reflected the general turmoil in Europe present at the time with the sack of Rome in 1527, the Reformation, and new outbreaks of plague.” His painting Madonna of the Long Neck is a great example of  mannerist characteristics of distorted figures in complex, impossible poses, and strange artificial colors (Brenda Harness) 

What initially attracted me to this piece is that  first it is ascetically pleasing to the eye and the use of colors is beautiful but also it has mixture of tension and awkwardness or not rightness.I appreciate the way Parmigianino created a narrative with the figures by how he  related the figures to each other compositionally. I think the most interesting thing to me about this piece is even though it was painted in 1534, it feels like it is a contemporary work of our current time. This piece feels like a contemporary art work because distortions in figures and strange artificial colors and poses seem to be a timeless trend in figurative art work.An example of this timeless trend is the painting  Nice ‘n easy painted by contemporary mannerist painter John Currin.

Nice n’ easy,_Mannerist_from_Parma.html


2 responses to “Madonna of the Long Neck: Italian Renaissance

  1. chase2003 says:

    I enjoyed reading your analysis of the painting Madonna of the Long Neck by Parmigianino. I have never scene this painting before and it was nice to be able to see and look at a new painting. Your wrote a very thorough analysis of the painting and I learned a lot from reading it. In the reading I learned for the first time what a mannerist painter was. You added many supporting fact as well as properly cited them. I very much liked the painting you choose and learned many things that I did not know before after reading your writing.

  2. natenapril says:

    I think you did a great job on your blog. I loved the way you were able to describe the paintings that I saw as strange as something more interesting. You’re use of words was a great way to draw the eye to the more flattering lines the artist may have been aiming for.
    I think the research you did for the assignment was well done and you clearly demonstrated that you understand this era of art.

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